Welcome to Lapsus (Currently Under Construction)

Hello and thank you for visiting Lapsus. If you’re visiting us for the first time, you may be wondering what this website entails. The best place to start would be to explain why we decided to create Lapsus. For starters, when co-creator Billy Wright and I first came up with the idea for Lapsus, we believed that a socially responsible platform for an open discussion of human psychology was lacking. Current issues such as mental health don’t receive the attention they deserve or require–it is our hope that Lapsus will at least provide some momentum to the current online and social climate of open and sensitive discussion of such issues.

We want to use our skills in journalism, behavioural science, and the creative industries to provide a factual, analysed look at the field of psychology, while keeping things entertaining. The latter of which will be achieved in a number of ways, most notably the production of psychological profiles. These profiles will carefully and meticulously critique a person of choice (fictional, historical etc) and delve into the physiological and behavioural underpinnings of their personality. In addition to this, we will also bring you up to date news on developments within the field of psychology, so keep checking in regularly for content updates. Lastly, we want everyone to know that an open forum of discussion is encouraged on Lapsus, and we hope you will engage with us.

This is just the beginning of something myself and my colleague and co-creator Billy Wright are extremely excited about. We hope you’ll come along with us and enjoy the content. Well, we won’t keep you, afterall there is a psychological profile of Patrick Bateman for you to sink your teeth into.

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